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Hayward BYV14030A0EG000 Series BYV Butterfly Valve, Gear Operated, PVC Body, GFPP Disc, EPDM Seals, 3" Size #31. 2.5 inch Manual Wafer Butterfly Valve without Handle #41. Milwaukee Valve BB2-100 Series Bronze Butterfly Valve, Unibody, Stainless Steel


1-2512 SERIES BUTTERFLY VALVES 1-2512 series control valves feature a "swing through" type disc plug suitably profiled to reduce the dynamic torque transmitted by the fluid and reduce the cavita-tion risk on liquids, yet allowing to operate even with high pressure drops. Body sizes from DN BRAY SERIES 40/41 DOUBLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVEPRODUCT DESCRIPTION. The Bray/McCannaloks Series 40/41 Double Offset Butterfly Valve offers rugged reliability and extremely easy maintenance in the field. Independent and internal tests prove Bray/ McCannaloks superior service life capability, with zero-leakage shut-off. The series 40/41 are suitable for High Pressure, High Temperature and Critical applications.

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BUTTERFLY VALVES - 2 (50mm) thru 12 (300mm) SERIES 8000FP WAFER AND LUG STYLES - 175 PSI (12.1 bar) The Series 8000FP Butterfly Valves (Ref. Figure A) are indicating type valves designed for use in fire protec- tion systems, where a visual indication is required as to whether the valve is BUTTERFLY VALVES - AVK Flow ControlAVK Flow Control produces and delievers a wide programme of high-quality Butterfly Valves with rubber-lining for numerous applications. For example the energy sector, the marine sector, the process industry, water applications, chemical applications etc. DN ranges from DN32 to DN2200. AVK can also supply Double- and triple eccentric Butterfly Valves up to 50 bar and 540°c. Special on request.


Lined 2014/2016 HP2 Series 31* Lined 2014 2P Series 32~36* PTFE/FEP/PFA/ETFE Lined Butterfly Valve Model 2014-2P-D0 37~38* Large Diameter Flanged Butterfly Valve HU-B60 Series 39~41* Large Diameter Flanged Butterfly Valve HU-B70 Series 42~46* Screwed Ends Butterfly Valve 14 Bar 47* Bray Butterfly ValvesSeries 31/H Butterfly Valves. Series 31U Butterfly Valves. Series 3A/3AH Butterfly Valves. Series 36H Butterfly Valves. Series High Performance Butterfly Valves. A leading brand of butterfly valves for a wide range of applications. _____ All Valves started working with Bray valves following our last AD Biogas show at the NEC when we were

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Butterfly Valves HP BFV - Dimensions - 2-Way - ANSI 150 w/ Commercial Electric ActuatorsSeries 31/41 Dimensions Model Number F G H Weight lbs Largest Actuator Dimension Shown Dimensions - (Commercial Actuators) Commercial Actuator - Dimensions DS-180 7.43 4.00 DC-310 7.43 3.95 Dual DS-180 11.83 4.00 Dual DC-310 11.41 3.95 10.96 Butterfly valves ACI Industriearmaturen GmbHThe lug type butterfly valves are equipped with holes to match the flange internal thread. These butterfly valves are suitable for installation at the end of the pipeline without having to install a second flange. Due to the installation without counterflange, this allows easy emptying of the pipelines. Butterfly valves are characterised by their short design. The space required in pipelines is therefore is very small.

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ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. ISO 9001 Quality Management. NSF- 61 372 series 44-49 Double offset BFV and 40-43 Lined butterfly valves. NSF-61 & 372 Series 50/52 & 5C/5D Butterfly Valves. NSF-61 & 372 Series 64, 65/66, 69/70, 73/74, 75/76 & 78 Ball Valves. Industrial Butterfly Valves - Ram UniversalIndustrial Butterfly Valves RAM Universal have been the distribution partner of Bray Controls for 25 years and carry significant stocks of their range series 30 and 31 series standard industrial rubber seated valves and the series 40 and 41 high performance butterfly valves.


KEYSTONE SERIES 60 BUTTERFLY VALVE 60W wafer style resilient seated butterfly valve 60L lug style resilient seated butterfly valve 50 129 146 119 41 102 31.75 14.22 9.4 10.3 82.6 " -11 121 36 - BAB 65 148 159 - 44 102 31.75 14.22 9.4 10.3 82.6 " -11 140 46 - BAB Lug 8 in Diameter Butterfly Valves for sale $41.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Watch. Butterfly Valve 8" 200 WOG Lug Style WATTS Alum/Brz Disc EPDM Seat. $231.00. $41.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Watch. SPEARS Butterfly Valve 8" 150 psi CPVC Lug Style Gear Op. Viton Seat. 8" Bray Series 31 Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve. $550.00 +$147.27 shipping.


Series 31 Lug 2-12 (50mm-300mm) 175 psi (12 bar) butterfly valves. All of Brays peroxide cured EPDM seats are food grade and can be certified to NSF-61. HTEPDM-20°F to 300°F (-29°C to 150°C) HTEPDM is a proprietary rubber blend offered by Bray to increase the SERIES 40/41/42/43/44/45 Ultimate High Performance Valve SERIES 40/41/42/43/44/45 Ultimate High Performance Valve 10 Pages. Add to favorites 3 Pages. Electric Actuators & Accessories. 16 Pages. Trilok Triple Offset Butterfly Valves. 16 Pages. Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves. 24 Pages. model FP. 8 Pages. Archived catalogs. SERIES 70 R4 Electric Actuator 300 to 6,500 lb.-in. Output Torque


ANSI/FCI 70-2 establishes a series of six leakage classes for control valves and defines the test procedure. Class VI allows the least leakage.Wafer-Sphere High Performance Butterfly Valves are bubble-tight, MSS-SP61, which would exceed Class VI requirements. SEAT SEAT When the valve is shut, the disc slightly deflects the seat. Series 31 Lug Series 30 Wafer - tt-valveNote:K dimension is disc chordal dimension at valve face. Series 31 Lug Series 30 Wafer SR Drawing #30/31-14/20-im January - 2015 Customer/Project:_____ B 45 ¡ A F Flange Drilling As Specified G J K C D E L Keyway Retaining Ring Thrust Washer Stem Retainer (2) Bushing Packing Stem Disc Seat Body

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butterfly valve. To order AGA92.2 premounted on a VKG butterfly valve, add a -922 to the end of the VKG valve part number. For example, the part number to order AGA92.2 premounted to a VKG10.050U valve is VKG10.050U-922. CA-M10R A crank arm kit can be added to any VKG series butterfly valve for use with a linkage system. Valves Catalog 11-03 - VNE Stainlessbutterfly valves stainless steel valves price book 6 replacement parts part number list price bvp - b - 96 - 7 - 1.0 - h $33.34

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Mar 06, 2018 · Valves:4-31-119:4LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl 175# CI:Valves:4-31-124:4 Lug Butterfly SS Disc EPDM:Valves:410600-11001066:6 SERIES 41 LUG BUTTERFLY SS:Valves:410600-11001466:6 SERIES 41 LUG BUTTERFLY CS:Valves:5-30-119:5WfrBfly175#CI EPDM/Nylw/Hndl:Valves:5-31-110NSR-2:5 BUTTERFLY VLV W/LINKAGE:Valves:5-31-110SR-2:5BUTTERFLY VLV W/LINKAGE:Valves rubberlined butterfly valve series 27Download Elastomer Lined Series 27 Section in PDF Format (529kb) please choose:2" through 12" 14" through 24" 30" through 36" Please Note:If you wish to print out this page, please change your printer settings to print in landscape mode. By doing so, you will be able to obtain all of the charts. 2" thru 12" Butterfly Valve Dimensions

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Bray Controls automated line of butterfly valves, Series 31 is available in a lug or wafer style body. Designed for general applications, this valve features long service life, ease of parts replacement, and interchangeability of components. Brays high quality automated butterfly valves precisely regulate the flow of hot and cold water or steam through all types of coils and heat exchangers.

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