corrosion performance of aisi

(PDF) Corrosion performance of the plasma nitrided 316L

The phases present in the modified layer depend on both the physical parameters and the used nitriding technique.In this work, the effects of ion nitriding on the corrosion performance of a 3l6L stainless steel was evaluated in a 0.9% sodium chloride solution at pH 6.3, 37°C, to simulate the natural tissue environment, by using electrochemical tests such as potentiodynamic polarization and linear

A comparison of the performance of AISI 52100 and AISI

The paper describes experiments to compare the performance of two ball-bearing steels in an unusual environment based on conditions in a power station application. The materials tested were the conventional AISI 52100 ball-bearing steel (which had been suffering from corrosion damage in the application) and an alternative material, the martensitic stainless steel AISI 440C. CiteSeerX Electrochemical Corrosion Performance of AISI electrochemical corrosion performance aisi d2 tool steel ma cm2 corrosion rate corrosion rate value vickers indenter corrosion performance astm g5 method surface hardness potentiodynamic polarization technique untreated sample crystalline phase surface property x-ray diffraction surface micro-hardness measurement different thickness discharge

Comparison of Hot Corrosion Performance of Bare and

Comparison of Hot Corrosion Performance of Bare and NiCoCrAlY-COATED Austenitic Stainless Steel Aisi 347 IN Aggressive Waste Heat Incinerator Environment at 650 C Muthu, S. M. Anant, R. V. Effect of GTAW remelting on the corrosion performance of Sep 02, 2020 · Effect of GTAW remelting on the corrosion performance of AISI 316L cladding. Different electrochemical techniques were used for assessing and comparing sensitization and pitting corrosion performance of these clads (both in the aswelded as well as aged condition), besides comparing their passive film characteristics. Due to this GTAW

Effect of Vacuum Heat Treatment on H_2S Corrosion

The effects of vacuum heat treatment on H2S corrosion performence of AISI 4145H steel and microstructure were investigated using immersed corrosion and SEM,respectively.Polarization curves and EIS were also studied with the use of the zahner electrochemical workstation.The results show that the microstructures of the two kinds of heat-treatment process is both tempered sorbite.With the H2S Materials Free Full-Text Corrosion Behavior of AISI The corrosion rate and i corr for all specimens, including OPC and TEC, show i corr values below 0.1 µA/cm 2, thus indicating that, after 180 days of exposure to solution at 3.5 wt.% of MgSO 4, the level of corrosion is negligible. AISI 304 SS presented better corrosion performance in TEC (M20-2-304) with an i corr value of 0.024 µA/cm 2 at

Metallurgical, Fatigue and Pitting Corrosion Behavior of

Jan 13, 2020 · Corrosion, as well as the fatigue performance of AISI 316 stainless steel welded fabrications, degrades under certain conditions.[2,3] The primary reason reported for their degradation is the formation of deleterious phases such as second-phase particles owing to the high temperature as well as prolonged exposure. The usage of these steels for Optimized Corrosion Performance of AISI 1345 Steel in The thermo-mechanical treatments and cyclic annealing processes have the potential of optimizing the corrosion performance of carbon steels in corrosive environments. Herein, an attempt has been made to optimize the corrosion performance of AISI 1345 steel in hydrochloric acid by thermo-mechanical cyclic annealing treatments.

Corrosion performance of AISI 316L friction surfaced

Sep 01, 2012 · The corrosion performance of AISI 316L coatings producing using friction surfacing and manual metal arc welding were comparatively evaluated using various electrochemical tests and etch tests. Microstructures of these coatings were investigated in detail. The following conclusions can be drawn from the current study:1.

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