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Strenx® Tube 700MLH Strenx® Tube 700MLH is an HF-welded cold-formed structural hollow section made of hot-rolled high-strength steel with minimum yield strength of 700 MPa. Its high strength combined with different shapes of welded hollow section enables construction of Product offer - SSAB - SSAB - SSABPRODUCT NAME. Strenx® 700MC Plus. USED FOR. Structural. Low temperatures (down to -60°) DIMENSIONS. T:3 - 12 mm. W:Up to 1525 mm. L:Up to 12300 mm.

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Strenx® steel plate, strip and tubes can be processed in lengths in excess of 20 meters and with bending forces of more than 4,000 tonnes. Using the high-end equipment at SSAB Shape centers makes perfect business sense. You gain access to production capacity without investing in new machinery for in-house production, enabling you to cut lead Strenx 1300 - - SSABTranslate this pageStrenx® 1300 1300 MPa. . SSAB Strenx® 1300 . Strenx® 1300 : HAZ .

Strenx 700MLH/700QLH/900MH High-Strength Hot-rolled

The diameter of the Strenx Tube 700MLHranges up to 42.4mm. The material has elongation rate of 10% and minimum tensile strength of 750MPa to 950MPa. The chemical composition of the material has carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, aluminum, niobium, vanadium and titanium in Strenx Customer cases - SSABThe Dutch company Spierings Mobile Cranes designs unique mobile cranes made of Strenx® Tube 700MLH and Strenx® 700MC that outperform the competition. Find out more FECON land-clearing equipment clears a path to innovation and growth with Strenx® Performance Steel

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Translate this pageStrenx® Tube 700MH 700 MPa . Strenx Tube 700MLH Nagyszilárdságú acélcsövek - SSABTranslate this pageA Strenx® Tube 700MLH kör, négyzet és téglalap alakú kivitelben is elérhet. Kérésre más formák és méretek is rendelkezésre állnak. A csövek maximális hossza 1218 méter, mérettl függen. Ennél hosszabb vagy méretre vágott csövek külön kérésre állnak rendelkezésre. A Strenx® Tube 700MLH tzihorganyzása a

Strenx Tube 960MH - acero de alta resistencia laminado en

Translate this pageStrenx® Tube 960MH satisface los requisitos de la norma EN 10219-3 (2020), o incluso los supera. Algunas de las aplicaciones típicas son las estructuras que soportan cargas para los sectores de elevación, manipulación y transporte. Strenx® Tube 960MH está disponible con forma circular, cuadrada y Strenx Tube 960QLH erikoislujat teräsputket - SSABTranslate this pageStrenx ® Tube 960QLH täyttää tai ylittää standardin prEN 10210 (2016) vaatimukset. Putkien tyypillisimpiä käyttökohteita ovat kantavat ristikkorakenteet nosto-, materiaalinkäsittely- ja kuljetusaloilla erityisesti olosuhteissa, jotka edellyttävät erinomaisia sitkeysominaisuuksia.

Strenx® 700 high-strength structural steel - SSAB

    Strenx ® 700MC is commonly used in lightweight solutions for trailer chassis. Upgrading a trailer chassis from a 350-grade using Strenx ® 700MC typically generates a weight reduction of about 30% for the chassis structural parts. Depending on the chassis design, the weight reduction potential may be even higher, up to 50%. Strenx® 700MC - tôles, plaques, bobines, tubes, profilésTranslate this pageStrenx Tube 700MH Strenx Tube 700MLH Strenx Tube 700QLH Strenx Tube 900MH Strenx Tube 960MH Strenx Tube 960QLH. SSAB Domex Tube 500MH. Tubes de précision Tube Docol Tube SSAB Form. CONTACTER Tubes de précision. Ventes Support technique. Docol Tube 590DP Docol Tube 780DP Docol Tube 980DP.

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    Strenx 700 Strenx 700 is a structural steel with a minimum yield strength of 650-700 MPa depending on thickness. Strenx 700 meets the requirements of EN 10 025-6 for the S690 grade and thicknesses. high precision steel tube test passed - SIPLA Vitoria Our products mainluy contain high precision steel tube test passed, Carbon Steel Plate and Alloy Steel Plate, Bolier steel Plate, Wear Resistant Steel Plate, Ship-Building Steel Plate, Corten Steel Plate and so on.We can cut into any width and length for you.If you need punch a hole,we can also do it. We can oiled or paint on surface.

    Strenx 700QLH- high-strength steel tubing - SSAB

    Strenx® Tube 700QLH is plasma-welded, quenched and tempered hollow section with a minimum yield strength of 700 MPa. Its high strength, combined with naturally stiff form of the welded hollow section, enables construction of stronger and lighter structures. Strenx® Tube 700QLH meets or exceeds the requirements of prEN 10210 (2016).

    We are the professional supplier who can meets all kinds of steel and fabrication requirements. If your required steel parts need cutting, welding, drilling, rolling, bending, forming, grinding, stamping and so on machining, we are ready to serve you.

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