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(1) This is a high conductivity copper which has, in the annealed condition, a minimum conductivity of 100% IACS except for alloy C10100 which has a minimum conductivity of 101% IACS (2) Cu determined by the difference between the impurity total and 100%. For alloy C10100, the Cu value is exclusive of Ag

ASTM B152 UNS C10100 Sheet SB 152 Cu OFE Plate/ Strip

Various grades of copper sheet, plate, foils etc are umbrellaed under specification American Society for Testing and Materials B152/ B152M. For instance, the UNS C11000 is an electrolytic Tough Pitch, lightly alloyed grade of Copper. While grade UNS C10100 is referred to as ASTM B152ASME SB152 Sheet, Plate, CoilC10100 B OFE:Oxygen-free electronic:C10200 B OF:Oxygen-free without residual deoxidants C10300 Oxygen-free extra low phosphorus:C10400, C10500, C10700 OFS:Oxygen-free, silver bearing:C10800 Oxygen-free low phosphorus:C10910 Low oxygen:C11000B, C ETP,

C10100 Copper Forging Copper Forging

Mar 02, 2019 · About C10100 Copper Alloy. C10100, Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC), also known as OFE C10100, is a nearly pure copper forging alloy with 0.0005% oxygen content, which gets its strength strictly from cold forging or hot forging.Known for applications where electrical and thermal conductivity is very important, it has excellent hot forging and very high resistance to hydrogen C10100 Oxygen Free Copper AlloysC10100 Oxygen Free Electronic (or "OFE") copper has a copper content of 99.99% at a minimum. It's conductivity is 101% IACS, which places it as the highest among all coppers. Virtually the same product as C10200 OFC, the difference between the two is that C10100

C10100 Oxygen Free Electronic (OFE) Copper Alloy Aviva

C10100 Oxygen-Free Electronic Copper, also known as OFE, is a 99.99% pure copper with 0.0005% oxygen content. C101 achieves a minimum 101% IACS conductivity rating. This copper is finished to a final form in a carefully regulated, oxygen-free environment. C10100 OFE has High ductility, high electrical and thermal conductivity and low volatility C10100 Oxygen Free Electronic Copper OFE Copper NSRW

  • Oxygen-Free CopperApplications of Oxygen-Free CopperFabrication PropertiesWhy Oxygen-Free Copper?Oxygen-free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) C10100 copper is used for electrical and electronic conductors, wave guides, cavity resonators, super conductor matrixes, vacuum tube and solid-state devices, and glass to metal seals. Oxygen-free copper C10100 has a conductivity rating of 101% IACSthe highest among coppers. The chemical composition of oxygen-free copper C10100 is 99.99 coppernearly pure copper. The physical properties of C10100 include the density and melting point. ASTM B152 / B152M - 19 Standard Specification for Copper C10100 B OFE. Oxygen-free electronic. C10200 B OF. Oxygen-free without residual deoxidants . C10300 OFXLP. Oxygen-free extra low phosphorus. C10400, C10500, C10700 OFS. Oxygen-free, silver bearing. C10800 OFLP. Oxygen-free low phosphorus. C10910 Low oxygen. C11000 B, C ETP, TP C. Electrolytic tough pitch, C Tough pitch C. C11300, C11400

    C10200 Copper Forging Copper Forging

    Mar 04, 2019 · About C10200 Copper Alloy. C10200, together with C10100, also belongs to Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC).C10200 is the copper forging alloy used mainly in electronics due to high electrical conductivity. This high purity alloy (99.95 Cu+Ag) is produced without the use of metal or metalloid deoxidizers. Excessive amounts of impurities reduce conductivity. C11000, CDA110, CA110 Electronic Tough Pitch Copper, ETP

    • DescriptionApplicationsSpecificationsAvailable FormsThis is a high conductivity copper which has, in the annealed condition a minimum conductivity of 100% IACS except for Alloy C10100 which has a minimum conductivity of 101% IACS.r Copper - Columbia MetalsCu-OF, C10200, CW008A 5/8 4.3/4 dia 1/4 thk sheet General:radar and other electronic equipment, anodes for vacuum tubes, glass to metal seals in electronic equipment, thermostatic control valves, rotor conductors for large generators and motors, electrical equipment for service at elevated temperatures in

      Copper - C10200 Alloy

      33 rows · Chemical Composition. Elements. Cu (1,2,3) O. (1) Cu is determined by the difference Document_Download Copper Alloys Pdf, Copper Metal Pdf May 15, 2018 · Download technical information about ASTM international standards and GB standards for copper materials such as C11000, T1, T2, TU0, TU1, TU2, C10100, C10200, C14500

      Material Properties:OFHC Copper (UNS C10100/C10200)

      For properties:specific heat and expansion coefficient curve fit equation of the form:Curve fit equation of the form:log 10 y = a+b(log 10 T) + c(log 10 T) 2 + d(log 10 T) 3 + e(log 10 T) 4 + f(log 10 T) 5 + g(log 10 T) 6 + h(log 10 T) 7 + i(log 10 T) 8 Solves as:y = 10 a+b(log 10 T) + c(log 10 T) 2 + d(log 10 T) 3 + e(log 10 T) 4 + f(log 10 T) 5 + g(log 10 T) 6 + h(log 10 T) 7 + i(log 10 Oxygen Free (OFHC & OFE) Copper Supplier - Aviva MetalsCharacteristics of oxygen-free copper alloys are high electrical and thermal, high ductility, ease of welding, high impact strength, and low volatility under high vacuum. As an OFHC & OFE copper supplier, Aviva Metals maintains an inventory of grades C10100 & C10200 in a variety of shapes including bars, pipes, tubes, wires and sheets.

      Oxygen Free Copper UNS C10200

      • IntroductionWeldingForgingApplicationsPure coppers are designated as UNS C10100 to C13000. Pure and unalloyed coppers have high corrosion resistance, and good electrical and thermal conductivity. Impurities present in different grades of unalloyed copper are different from each other. Oxygen free coppers are mainly applied in most of the applications that require high ductility and conductivity.Copper Alloys 101, 102, 103, 104, 110, 122, 151, XP5101 Oxygen Free Electronic OFHC C10100 102 Oxygen Free Copper OFHC C10200 103 C10300 104 C10400 110 ETP Copper Electrolytic Tough Pitch C11000 122 Deoxidized Copper (DHP) Phos Deoxidized Copper C12200 151 PMX High Precision Alloy C15100 XP5 PMX High Precision Alloy CHEMICAL FAMILY:Copper Alloy ISSUE DATE:December 15, 2004 SUPERSEDES DATE Oxygen-Free & OFHC Copper Farmers Copper, LTD.Copper C10100 (99.99%) and C10200 (99.95%)copper are produced by melting and pouring copper in the presence of carbon or carbonaceous gases so the oxygen can be absorbed. This high purity and absence of deoxidizers account for its average conductivity of 101% IACS.

        Oxygen-free Electronic Copper (OFE), UNS C10100, H02

        Tensile Strength, Ultimate, estimated based on a comparison of the tensile strengths of UNS C10100 and C10200 with tempers ranging from H00 - H10. Tensile Strength, Yield Elongation at Standard Specication for Seamless Copper Tubebars, or tube of Copper UNS9 No. C10100, C10200, C10300, C10800, C12000, or C12200, and shall be of such soundness as to be suitable for processing into the tubular products de-scribed. 5.2 ManufactureThe tube shall be manufactured by such hot- and cold-working processes as to produce a homogeneous, uniform wrought structure in the nished

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        When it comes to C1100/ C1020 Copper Sheet , Multimet Overseas is a name that comes to mind.We have a team of highly qualified, motivated & experienced staff in production and sales to meet customers ever growing quality and service expectation.We offer the best quality C1100/ C1020 Copper Sheet which are used widely and are demanded all over the world.We are among the reckoned names in the C10100 OFE and C10200 OF Kanthal®Aug 30, 2019 · C10100 OFE and C10200 OF. Conductive wire Datasheet. Datasheet updated 2019-08-30 08:39 (supersedes all previous editions) Download as PDF or Send PDF via email. Disclaimer:Recommendations are for guidance only, and the suitability of a material for a specific application can be confirmed only when we know the actual service conditions

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