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Soft Magnetic Alloys with High Saturation Magnetic Induction Alloy 1J22(Co50V2), 1J27(FeCo27) Equivalent Grades GB Trademark UNS NF BS 1J22(Co50V2) Supermendur HiperCo50 R30005 AFK502 49 Permendur 49 1J27(FeCo27) HiperCo27 K92650 - 27 - Specification GB/T 15002-94, 10994-1974, 10160-1975, ASTM A801/A801M-04 Product Forms Sheet, Strip, Plate,

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Arnold's Precision Thin Metals manufactures high quality, cold-rolled thin & ultra thin carbon steel in various grades and thicknesses. Our carbon steel & carbon alloys can be readily rolled to precise tolerances for thinness & flatness, ideal across a number of applications. Contact us to learn more. China Hiperco 50A manufacturer, Phynox, Mumetal supplier China Hiperco 50A supplier, Phynox, Mumetal Manufacturers/ Suppliers - Xian Gangyan Special Alloy Co., Ltd. Menu Sign In. Join Free Iron Nickel Cobalt Alloy 4j29 ASTM F15 Kovar, Cold Rolled Kovar Strip Full Annealed and so on. Soft Magnetic Iron Cobalt Alloy Vacoflux 27 FOB Price:US $39-79 /

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Iron-Chrome-Cobalt permanent magnets are a malleable, magnetically semi-hard alloy which is available in cast form (see the Alnico Magnet section) and as thin rolled strip,bar,rod or wire from Rolled Products facility. It is an excellent material for hysteresis coupling and for sensor applications. FeCrCo Supplier - Magnets - MPCO Magnetics

  • Fe-Cr-Co CharacteristicsAdvantagesDisadvantagesTypical Applications For Iron Chrome Cobalt MagnetsSuper Invar - XAGY Home-expandable alloy, soft magnetic Soft Magnetic Alloy Permanent Magnetic Alloy Elastic Alloy High Temperature Alloy Stainless Steel Magentic Core. Contact XAGY. Hotline:0086-29-33669103. Fax:0086-29-33698670. Strip Cold rolled 0.20-2.50 1225 5 Annealed 0.20-1.00 1080 8 Wire Cold drawn 0.50-5.00 1375 5 Rod Cold

    GB/T 14991-2016:PDF in English. - Chinese Standard

    Cold rolled strip samples are cut along the processing direction for strips of 40 mm length, 5 mm ~ 8 mm width. B.2 A magnetometer is recommended for measuring magnetic properties. IEC 60050-221 :1.0T INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL Oct 14, 1990 · magnetic materials - permanent magnet (magnetically hard) materials - methods of measurement of magnetic properties:bs en 10341 :2006 :cold rolled electrical non-alloy and alloy steel sheet and strip delivered in the semi-processed state:une-en 10106:2016 :cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel strip and sheet delivered in the fully

    Iron Chromium Cobalt Permanent Magnet Alloy Wrought

    It is the most widely used deformable permanent magnet material at present. Its magnetic properties are comparable to cast aluminum nickel cobalt alloy, and the price is cheaper than iron cobalt vanadium permanent magnet alloy. The alloy is characterized by homogeneous composition, compact structure and stable performance. Ni-SPAN-C 902(UNS N09902) stock - alloy-cnSAE AMS 5221 - Strip, solution annealed. SAE AMS 5223 - Strip, 10% cold rolled. SAE AMS 5225 - Strip, 50% cold rolled. Forms available at A-one Alloy. Cold drawn wire, cold drawn bar, cold rolled strip, hot rolled plate, cold drawn pipe, hot rolled bar, hot forged bar. We could supply cold drawn wire and cold rolled strip from EU & US.

    P6 alloy strip/ P6 alloy bar (2J4 alloy)

    Ductile magnetic alloys have been used for biasing magnets in meters and magnetic actuators, as magnetic coded devices, field coils for DC motors and servos and hysteresis motor laminations. Equal grade:2J4(China) Typical chemical composition (%):Ni=6.00, Co=45.00, V=4.80, Fe=Reminder. Forms available at A-one Alloy:Cold rolled strip Permanent Magnetic Alloy Price Supplier & Manufacturer Sintered NdFeB magnets are the most powerful commercialized permanent magnets available today, with maximum energy product ranging from 26 MGOe to 55 MGOe. Nd-Fe-B is the third generation of permanent magnet developed in the 1980s. It has a combination of very high remanence and coercivity, and comes with a wide range of grades, sizes and shapes.

    Precision Strip for Electronics

    Precision Strips for Electronics mainly refers to stainless steel strip, which apply as various component or parts in consumer electronics, such as SUS304, SUS301, SUS316L. Special physical properties are usually required for these strips, including mechanical properties, thickness tolerance, flatness, finish, roughness, cleanliness, bending, etc. Typical applications:touch switch, backlight Sheilding Nickel Soft Magnetic Alloys MIL N-14411 Comp 1 High quality Sheilding Nickel Soft Magnetic Alloys MIL N-14411 Comp 1 Cold Rolled Strip HYMU80 from China, China's leading soft magnetic iron product, with strict quality control soft iron material factories, producing high quality soft iron material products.

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    A-ONE ALLOY supplies 1J50 soft magnetic cold rolled strip with minimum thickness 0.05mm 1J50 is a widely used soft magnetic alloy in China. It is used where high initial permeability, maximum permeability, and Read More Ultra Thin Stainless Steel Alloys Arnold Magnetic Arnold cold rolls stainless steel to customer specifications, offering this material in a range of thicknesses and dimensions along with a variety of surface finishes and coatings. Thickness. Maximum Width. 0.01- 0.0004 (0.254 0.01mm) 17.5 (444.5mm) as rolled edge 17.0 (431.8mm) with a slit edge. 0.00039

    Vacoflux 2j7 2j11 2j12 Vicalloy Strip - Buy Vicalloy Strip

    Vicalloy I is a cobalt-iron ductile permanent magnet alloy. The material is used in electronic application. Magnetic properties are optimized by heat treatment cold rolled material. Vicalloy I has a relatively high remanence and low coercive force. Which Metals Are Magnetic? Metal Supermarkets - Steel

    • Permanent MagnetsElectromagnetsNeodymium MagnetsP6 Permanent Magnetic Alloy A-one Alloy Professional P6 Permanent Magnetic Alloy A-one Alloy Professional Manufacturer Introduction P6 alloy is a cobalt base precipitation hardened alloy, similar to Vicalloy, which combines the advantages of high hysteresis loss and low magnetizing force into one material.

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      permanent-magnet steel:2J63,2J64,2J65,2J67:GB/T14991:8-150 0.4-3.0x120:2.25-13x300:cold rolled bars for hyteresis alloy:2J21,2J23,2J25,2J27:GB/T14990:8-150 cold rolled strips for hyteresis alloy:2J4,2J7,2J9,2J11,2J12,2J51,2J52,2J53:GB/T14988 0.1-0.8x120 alloy used for elastic component:3J21:YB/T5253:8-120:0.15-2.5:soft0.08-1.5x250 hard0.05-2.5x250Arnokrome Magnetic Alloys Arnold Magnetic TechnologiesRolled strip thickness:0.002 0.008 (0.05 0.20mm) Applications:Inductors. ARNOKROME 3. Cold rollable to 0.0005 (0.13mm) thick foil, and can be supplied in widths from 0.062 (1.575mm) to 9 (228.6mm). Composition Weight Percentage:Iron (Fe) 60

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